We have Strong background in evolving IT strategy have In depth knowledge of business give 100 % Customised solutions do Rapid delivery

Simplex Infotek skill set emanates from years of experience in both developing complex applications based on latest Software technology to meet industry requirement and number of years of hands on experience in various industry segments. Simplex team has over 20 years in all facets of manufacturing and service industry and can provide solution to meet any requirement.


Software design and Architectural Strategies

Selection & implementation of ERP Systems

Manufacturing Management

Customer Focused

Information system design

Lean manufacturing

End to End

Software Development in the client server environment visual Studio and MSSQL/Oracle.

Design & Development of e-learning modules

Web based solutions


Material planning systems

Complete System covering Parts Management, Bill of Material, Batch scheduling, RFQ, Purchase, Stores, Reservation, Rejection, Requisition etc. A close loop system, for effective management of inventory, to ensure on-time receipt of material and high-level inventory turn over.

Automated betting system

Allocation of assets based on the most efficient frontier generated using Morkowitz theory. Using risk, return, yield and correlation data, different alternative mix are generated to arrive at the most efficient mix of Portfolio. This will enable clients to select the most profitable mix of investments

Asset Allocation

Complete System covering Parts Management, Bill of Material, Batch scheduling, RFQ, Purchase, Stores, Reservation, Rejection, Requisition etc. A close loop system, for effective management of inventory, to ensure on-time receipt of material and high-level inventory turn over.

Production & Distribution of Commercial Product

Total computerisation to cover the entire operation—commodity price trend analysis, procurements of commodity, Processing, Packaging, sales & Distribution, Accounting, etc. The important feature of the system is management of distributed database, one in the factory and another in the Corporate Office.

Roll set Analysis

Roll set analysis enable paper companies to select the most optimum knife positions on a reel to minimise the trim loss and also meet the qualitative requirement of the customer. The three parameters--Basis weight, Moisture and calliper data--is displayed in the chart form using Olectra chart. The application is run on a web server, so that the customers can see the quality of the roll they are getting and will also enable the operators to have the options to set the knives either automatically or interactively based on the reel quality.

Document Management System

All the documents of an enterprise are categorised and stored in the respective form, be it, engineering drawing, letters, documents, etc. In the database and a search engine enable easy retrieval of data and documents. The application enables easy compilation of data to provide MIS reports.

Product & Services

ERP solution

ERP solution

Business One is an integrated affordable enterprise solution built from the ground up to manage the total operations of Manufacturing and service organisations of small and midsize business (SME). It provides a true and unified view of operations across customer’s relationship management, manufacturing and finance. Simple to use yet powerful, SAP Business One puts business users in charge, arming with the critical, up-to-minute information to enable make smart decision.

Production Scheduling
Production Scheduling

Preactor is a world-renowned capacity planning and scheduling software for companies that require greater control on their operations combined with increased customer service and reduced costs. It is interactive decision support tool, which enables match demand with available capacity. Preactor manages all the complexities of production system and can be it any space, bit it, automotive, Engineering, textiles, pharmaceuticals, etc. The system enables saves costs, reduce inventory, improve productivity, improve throughput, improves on time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Work Audit
Work Audith

UmtPlus and UmtAudit software’s enable conduct variety of time studies and facilitate & optimise audit process by leveraging hand held computing technology. The innovative process eliminates the lengthy process of stopwatch study & data entry effort, making time study simple easier and efficient. Option to interface and download data provides for quick analysis. These are essential tools to identifying waste, optimising waste and improving productivity. The data can be used to enable lean manufacturing and improved performance.


Graduate is enterprise software for Universities. Software covers all the activities of the University from admission to convocation. The software has the following major modules Academic, Finance and Examination. The key aspect of the software it provides total security and reliability. The software incorporates barcode, ICR, OMR, etc. technologies to ensure complete automation of the process.


The services provided are:

Identifying ERP vendors

Process mapping

Business process Re-engineering

Customer Orientation

Software Development & Customization

Customer training

Database tuning

Data entry and proving accuracy

IT Consulting
IT Consulting

The three main aspects of Simplex's IT consulting activity are Information Strategy Planning (ISP), information technology planning and providing Technical skills & man power. With a strong background in strategic planning, Simplex, using ISP can provide focus on the business direction and future plans and pinpoints the key information needed to successfully direct the business and help it achieve its strategic aims. Making organisation "future proof,' is the main theme of Simplex's ISP strategy. Technical facilitators in touch with technology can chart the companies technology road map so that the business strategy meshes with information technology to arrive at the information strategy. Simplex can provide a range a technical man power to meet long term and short term requirement of the organisation.



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